Benefits of Business Coaching

By Argelia Marin

The benefits of business coaching well exceed the required time and money investment

Have you ever wondered why every super-athlete has a coach? After all, the talented one is the athlete. I have never seen any successful athlete not have one, as a matter a fact some have two or more.Business Coaching

Early in the beginnings of my real estate career I saw many top producers taking on “business coaches”

And since my mother did not raise a dumb girl I reasoned, if you want success do as the successful ones do. And I too myself took on a business coach.

Not so long ago I heard an expression. ‘Surrender your self to the listening that others have of you”. Basically, it means, allow yourself to see you as others see you.

A good coach will see you as a diamond in the rough and in the process of coaching you, will allow you to see your own attributes and talents and furthermore will inspire you to use and manage this to the fullest. A good coach will keep you focused on your goals and will measure your results.

This is especially important if you are self employed because of the danger that your freedom to come and go represents. It is easy to loose track on your own time, and let's face it, as humans we gravitate to fun and carelessness.

Within time you will develop strength of discipline. However once you have experience the satisfaction of scaling several levels of success, your need for coaching will become more and more essential, and at the same time you will require a more intense work out.

At that point, you'll know you need a stronger coach. As a “Mujer Mexicana” moving about the world of business, it saddens me to see many of my Latina colleagues don't see the benefits of business coaching, they reject the concept of a business coach.

I have come to learn that many of them see it as an unnecessary expense. Either because they’d rather spend it on their families or worse: because they have a hard time investing in themselves.

To them I say, the best investment that one could ever make is investing in yourself. This is the only type of investment that guarantees a return!!!


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