Thank You Phrases for the Workplace

Using the right thank you phrases can make all the difference between showing true appreciation and just going through the motions of etiquette.

People can see when someone is truly appreciative, not just because the right phrases of thank you are used, but because they can feel the intention.

Sometimes the simplest appreciation phrases can convey the strongest feelings of gratitude, only because the feelings are there.

Tried and True Thank You Phrases

Thank you phrases"Thank you"

"I truly appreciate your..."

"I really appreciate your help with ..."

"Thank you for helping me with..."

"How can I ever possibly thank you"

"Thanks a million for..."

"I’m so grateful for..."

"I’ll forever be grateful for..."

"I appreciate it"

"I appreciate what you did"

"You have my gratitude"

"Without you, I wouldn’t have been able to... Thank you"

"How can I ever thank you?"

"How can I show you how grateful I am for what you did?"

"There are no words to show you my appreciation"

Thank you phrases to show appreciation for an employee doing a good job

When an employee does his/her job, you may think that it’s just to be expected, that thanks are not in order. But they are. Just remember the last time your manager appreciated what you did and told you so. It just feels so good to be appreciated.

Here are a few examples of how to show appreciation to your employees:

"Thank you for completing the budget report on time. Having the numbers handy at the budget meeting really helped me get the money we need for the xyz project."

"Thank you for doing such a thorough job on the project proposal. When I presented the proposal to the board, they could all understand exactly what we were proposing. They asked very few questions. Your thoroughness helped get the proposal approved."

"Thank you for coming through with the exception report in such short notice. I know you were tied up with another important project, but somehow you got both assignments done. I really appreciate your efforts and the results."

"Thank you for keeping me so well informed on significant problems in the department. Being on top of things helps me build credibility for our department with others. I really appreciate your efforts in keeping me informed."

See a pattern here? You are telling the employee, very specifically, how his work and efforts helped you, the department, or the company do better. We all want to know that our work matters, and that we are making a contribution. It’s good to know when we hit the mark.

Thank you phrases to show appreciation to your boss

When you want to show appreciation to your boss, you may hesitate because of fear of appearing you're kissing up to her. You may also think that you don’t need to show appreciation for your boss, that she's just doing her job or she's supposed to get it from her own boss. Not necessarily. Words of appreciation for your boss are in order if she has done something she didn't have to do and it benefits you directly, like making exceptions to policy, getting you raises, approving extra resources and so forth.

Here are a few examples of how to show appreciation to your boss:

"Thank you for getting me a performance bonus, it means a lot to me. It tells me that you value the work I've done and that you’re willing to go to bat for me. I also like the cash! It’s coming to me at the perfect time, I already know how I’m going to spend it."

"Thank you for approving my vacation request in such short notice. I know you’d like to know ahead of time when everyone is going to be out. I normally submit my requests in advance, but this time I couldn’t so I really appreciate you making an exception and approving it."

"Thank you for taking the time to coach me on how to solve the problem I was having with xyz. I know I should’ve been able to solve the problem on my own, but your help was invaluable in seeing what I was doing to contribute to the problem."

The idea here is to let your manager know (1) that you appreciate his extra effort and (2) why you appreciate it - how it benefits you.

Thank you phrases to show appreciation to a customer

A common mistake that businesses make is to go out of their way to get a new customer and forget to pay the same attention to existing customers.

It's a lot easier to keep existing customers satisfied than cultivate a new customer relationship from scratch. There are many opportunities to thank a customer: for a purchase, for a referral, for putting in a good word for your company and so forth.

Here are a few phrases that may help in expressing appreciation for a customer.

"Thank you for your business, we really appreciate it."

"We know you have options, so we really appreciate you chose us to do business with."

"We truly value your business. Thanks for letting us serve you"

"We really enjoy working with you, thanks for being such a great customer"

"Thank you for recommending our company to xyz, your word has a lot of weight and made all the difference in giving us an opportunity to serve xyz as well. We'll make sure we'll live up to your recommendation of us.

"Thank you for sharing your customer experience about our company with others. Your testimonial as a satisfied customer is very important to us, we really appreciate it.

And if you feel like saying thank you in French... or Italian...

Thank you phrases in other languages






“Danke” “Dank dir”

"Dank u"

“Sas efharisto”



“Khawp khun”

“Cám on”







For a more comprehensive list of thank you phrases in other languages, you can: visit this site It will open on a separate window.

And if just had a job interview, you may want to check out these job interview thank you letter samples.. The text can be modified to suit interview thank you emails.

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