Lack of Communication

by Connie

WOW! What a wonderful site. Very insightful and informative. It's funny that I stumbled across this site today.

Mine isn't really a question, more a comment. I run a multi-million dollar company on the east coast. We have been in business just over a year and employ just over 100 people.

Recently, I requested the managers all give their employees their first annual review.

In the comment section where the employees where asked to give feedback on ways to better the company, of all those reviewed, they ALL said better communication.

That's a pretty powerful statement. Do you think I am going to listen and better communications here? You betcha!

This website will be a great resource for many, including me.

Communication is key.


Hello Connie from NC,

First of all, allow me to apologize for not responding directly to your comments sooner. When I first read your post, I was so happy to read that you liked the site that I just clicked mindlessly on the build/publish option the computer gave me.

Thank you so much for your comments. You're obviously doing something very right to have such success in your business.

I wish you more of that success on the years to come.

Imelda Bickham

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