Top 7 Phone Interview Tips

These phone interview tips can help you prepare for any job interview, whether by phone or in person.

If you approach the phone interview in the same way you approach any other job interview, you'll be prepared. Now for the tips:

1. Prepare questions and answers in advance. Practice your answers without referring to the notes. I would recommend you do not read any of your answers during the actual interview. Others can tell when you’re reading and you wouldn’t read during a face to face interview, would you?

2. Do your research about the company and vacancy just as you would for a regular job interview. Don’t plan on having your computer next to you to do some quick research should a question about the company come up. If you multi-task, you will sound distracted to the interviewers. They may conclude that whatever is distracting you is more important than the interview.Phone Interview Tips

3. Dress up in your best career outfit just as you would do it for an in person interview. I can hear you now "But I'm by myself in the room, I don't need to impress anyone".

The reason why you need to suit up is to feel good, confident and professional. Have you noticed how on casual Fridays you are just more casual about work? So skip the sweats and go get your Hugo Boss.

4. Do not exaggerate or embellish your resume. If you lie, your body and voice will tense up. Even if the interviewers can’t see you, your voice and the way you articulate your responses will reflect that you are lying. The same advice I’d give you about sticking to the truth while having a job interview in person apply to a phone interview.

5. Don’t eat, smoke, drink coffee or chew anything while interviewing. You’re speaking on a phone, so any sounds you make will be caught and transmitted to your interviewers. Why would I even include this tip? Because I’ve experienced listening to someone chew gum while being interviewed - by a colleague and I - for a management position in our organization. At first, we couldn’t figure out the noises, but when we did, we moved her resume from the Maybe to the No pile.

6. Use a land line, not a cell phone. Can you hear me? Can you hear me now? Let me move over here… Could you repeat the question? You are breaking up… Do I need to say more?

7. Pump yourself up for the interview so you can exude confidence and positive energy. Your interviewers won’t be able to see your facial gestures, but they will know when you smile and when you don’t through your voice. So think good thoughts, get in a good confident mood, and do your phone interview with a smile on your face.

The bottom line? These phone interview tips can help you prepare for practically any job interview. If you can’t remember each tip, remember this: Pretend the interviewers are in the room with you and behave accordingly.